This website has been a long-time project of mine.. This website is designed to present to you the latest camera images from both the Ada County Highway District and Idaho Transportation Department Traffic Camera Networks.

The Ada County Traffic Management Center (TMC) owns and maintains the 202 cameras that are represented on this website. The ownership of these images are to Ada County Highway District, and are used with permission.

The Idaho Transportation Department 511 Division owns and maintains 10 traffic cameras used on this website. The ownership of these images are to the Idaho Transportation Department, and are used with permission, as long as the mention of ITD appears in the description of the images.

There are couple of questions that keep getting asked:

* Are these cameras saved anywhere?  No, they are not saved anywhere, they are locally cached images and once a new image is processed, the old image disappears. 

* How long have you been doing this? This website has been active since 2011, and has been running great ever since.

* I love this site? Can I make a donation? Absolutely! You can make a secure PayPal donation by clicking on this link.

If you have any questions on this site, please e-mail them to and mention that you visited the camera site. I greatly appreciate the feedback.

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